I've been nominated!! Wahoo!

Boy, my dear old friend Dawn, whom I've yet to meet in person, hasn't forgotten me even though I've been missing on the blog scene as of late. She has nominated me for the Rockin'Girl Blogger Award. Impressive, I know! haha. So now it is my turn to nominate 5 bloggers for this prestigious award.

Since I haven't been reading blogs lately, this is a bit tricky. The first goes to Jen of Just for You since she recently left me a message about my card tutorial. She modified the card into a 6x6 size...to be featured on her blog tomorrow. I can't wait to see it!

Next award goes to Renee of My Inky Escape. She is a true kindred spirit who unfortunately lives on the other side of the country!

Of course I can't forget to present the award to my own dear Mother! She's the bestest and the rest of you do not know what you are missing without a mom like mine!

Quilt Nut Creations' blogger is a regular commentor on my blog. She does some fabulous quilts. Go check them out!

Lastly, I nominate Rochelle's Impressions blog. I really have enjoyed checking out her creations...which reminds me...I really need to get back into browsing the blogs! Sorry Rochelle! But hey...now I'm back!


Renee said...

Aren't you sweet :) I'll post it proudly! hehe

QuiltNut Creations said...

thanx Dawn! your blog does rock! its one of my top 5 favs! congrats!!

Jenn in GA said...

Thanks so much for nominating me! I'm so new to this whole blogging thing that I don't know what to do next! I don't know how to capture the icon to bring it over to my blog, so that I can nominate some gals. Help! :-)

Rochelle W said...

Thanks Dawn. I did miss you. I am glad you are back.