Stamping...a break from painting...

Tonight, I stamped...and stamped a lot. For my little sister in the DSS group. I'd post some stuff here but I wouldn't want her to find me. Plus, it's super late and I don't have time to take a pix right now. Perhaps tomorrow.

But tomorrow is hopefully the day that I get the replacement tag-a-long bike for DS. It hooks onto my bike to create a tandum. After receiving it last week in a ripped box and missing a key part, I'm really excited that it might get here tomorrow. Oooh...please oh please. Then E* and I will ride up to Walgreens, buy a candy bar....then ride back home. Haha.


MarieK said...

When my kids were younger both DH and I had tandems on our bikes for them. It was a lot of fun but hard work dragging the lazy bums behind us!! LOL! Just kidding!
Hope you part comes in and you get to ride.

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Ohhh how exciting. I have been debating one of those. You'll have to let me know how it works out.
Have fun!