Fairy Update

What am I going to do when my kids start reading my blog!

This morning, Mck* came into my room asking me how to spell "dear." I spelled it to her and went back to sleep. So when I really woke up, I went into her room and asked her if she had talked to me in the morning. She said she had to write a note to the tooth fairy.

A few years ago, she and C* were riding bikes in the driveway and C* bumped her and her tooth got chipped. So now it's loose and she wanted to let the tooth fairy know. I'll have to type up that note tonight, after I can sneak in there and get it out. Does anyone have a good fairy font so our fairies and leave notes? haha


Susan said...

is a fairy like a peter pan? i can do peter.

Anonymous said...

That is too cute! I get some great fonts at:


hope theres one for you!

Michelle VP said...

Oh my word! An envelope arrived at my house from the Pokemon Fairy today! My boys are beyond thrilled! Thanks for the fun, Dawn. :)