Okay...so I am still "online!" haha

We got into Honolulu a bit late since the plane arrived late at LAX. So by the time we got off, it was 4:30am eastern time...and we still had to get to the hotel. Needless to say it was a long day. We left for the airport at 5am. At each point, we had very long layovers. We promptly went to sleep at the hotel...but by 4:30 am (Hawaii time) DH and I were wide awake. I called to see how the kids were doing. And we looked out the window...leasurely did nothing...

Then ate a very light continental breakfast here at the hotel. It's 7:43 in Waikiki and now I'm here...updating my blog... DH wants to snap a pix of me here in the hospitality room on the computer. But I think he's taking a power nap on the couch.

Today, we are off to the Polynesian Cultural Center!



Quilt Nut said...

oh i'm jealous! have a fantastic time Dawn!

Jen said...

can't wait to see what you did, and where you went... and why you didn't call me while you were here! wassup?!?!!

hugs n' aloha,