Mother's Day 2007

Yesterday, DH came home with 2 dozen large and colorful roses for me. They were so big and there were so many, that I put them in 4 vases...large vases all around the house.

(I didn't take this picture...DH did...not the best arrangement. He must have taken it after I took out some flowers. But you get the idea of what they looked like. Blogs need pictures, you know!)

Most of my great ideas come in the last minute time frame. This morning before church, I was thinking of my friend R* who is a divorced mother of three with little support from her ex. Her kids are young and there wasn't going to be a Dad to take the kids to buy gifts or make dinner for the family. Since I was going to cut one of the flowers to make a corsage for myself, I thought I'd make one for her too. Well, then I got to thinking about another older woman at church who is a bit misunderstood and comes across rather grumpy. Her son probably can't function enough to make her day special so I made a corsage for CE*. Well, of course, I have 24 large roses...which will just die in a few days. So, though I was raced for time, I was able to get 8 corsages made. We left for church a little later than usual. With frizzy, air-dried hair, I walked into the chapel a few minutes before church began.

(This picture taken after it was worn through out church...so not as fresh as a daisy! hehe.)

I hurried up to the front pew where CE* sits alone each week. I said, "CE* I made this corsage for you. Happy Mother's Day." You can imagine her surprise and delight. I offered to pin it on to her blouse and she accepted, as long as I didn't stick her with a pin. She asked if everyone was getting one. I answered, "Just a few of my friends" with a smile. A Hallmark moment!

I gave one corsage to a woman going through a divorce from a rather demanding man. Another one to a woman who said, "I'm not a mother. Just a step-mother." I said, "Step-mothers count. You are a part of the family and take care of those kids. Enjoy YOUR day!" as I pinned the corsage onto her shirt. My divorced friend was delighted to receive a corsage and wear it around. Unfortuanetly in this day and age, not too many mothers had corsages on. I saw only three today in church. By the time the flowers were all passed out, there were 8 more woman bedecked with sweet smelling roses.

At first, when DH handed me the flowers, I thought, "Oh dear. Flowers are sort of a waste. Sure they are nice but they aren't lasting and will be dead in a few days. Surely he could of bought something more lasting." As my day progressed, I was able to give cheer to ladies in my church. Some who probably really needed cheering up. I realized that although those flowers will no doubt be dead soon and tossed out, the feelings of charity and love can last far longer than a plucked flower.

And that's just a part of the "Mother's Day Spirit." If there can be a Spirit of Christmas, then I'm sure there is one for Mother's Day too. My mother takes care of my aging grandfather and my over worked Dad, both phsically and emotionally. She looked after 5 of her own kids and many others through her in-home day care business that lasted many, many years. She sacrificed, loved, taught and cherished all the people in her life. That's the Spirit of Mother's Day...To sacrifice for others, to love others, to nurture and care for others. Most importantly...to leave a lasting impression of Charity. That's what Motherhood is all about.


Michelle VP said...

Beautifully written Dawn! I love your thoughtful and generous spirit. :)

Unknown said...

Very touching story Dawn. Thanks for sharing...

QuiltNut Creations said...

what a wonderful thing for you to do Dawn. happy mother's day

Rochelle W said...

You are so sweet to make corsages for the ladies at church.

kathy said...

You are so thoughtful and so sweet I am sure you have earned your place in heaven. If I didn't say it already but ai am sure ai did Happy Mothers Day.

Little C's Creations said...

awwww... you're such a sweetie. It feels so good to brighten other people's days, huh?! Thanks for sharing your aloha on this beautiful. Oh - and thanks for stopping by my site today...1 year huh!? Hahaha... us locals here in Hawaii are such late bloomers.

Susan said...

you are a very kind woman. it was great of you to make up some of the lovely roses into corsages for women who didn't have anyone caring enough to provide for them.

and thanks so much for what you said about your mother. it IS why we have Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Now....I really think that your first Mother's Day gift this year needs to be blogged about WITH pix. You in a bike helmut riding the new bike K gave you.

Barb said...

Great bouquet!! My dh got me a fake plant.. {roll eyes}

MarieK said...

How sweet of you to make corsages for those other moms/women.

Sometimes the best gift of all is knowing that you've made a difference.

Happy Mother's Day to you - it should really be a week! Don't you think?

kamart said...

Beautiful story. Your thoughtfulness and genuine concern brought tears to my eyes.
My father always presented my mother with a corsage on Mother's Day........he was a very caring, thoughtful person.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us.