A memorable Memorial Day with the McElroys

On Saturday, I received an unexpected call from my cousin B* who lives just over an hour away. His new bride is doing graduate work at Michigan State University and they wanted to come down for the holiday.

At first I thought they were going to arrive around dinner time on Sunday. My DD was outside pacing the sidewalk for them. Then, when I called and found out they were leaving later, DD was a bit upset. "It isn't fair. They are going to get here too late and we won't be able to play. And then they are going home TOMORROW!!" I assured her that she could stay up late and we'd have lots of time to laugh and play.

They arrived on Sunday evening, just in time for some s'mores on the grill. I thought it would be fun to make a campfire in the back yard. We have a good sized yard and no neighbors behind us. But DH said it was illegal and not Boy Scout-ish to do so. (Rats.) We then headed up to the computer room for the Hatch Batch Family Chat. Every Sunday night at 8pm, whoever is available in my extended family, gets online and we IM. It's rowdy and loud...if you can imagine what it is like for all of us to be around one dinner table. Even though there are miles and computers between us all, it is so great to connect each week with one another.

B* and his wife, K*, soon caught on to our jokes and stories and they fit right in. (I should mention that I grew up in Ohio and he grew up in Washington so we had little intereaction...growing up back before the age of computers and web cams.) After an hour or so of rapid typing and LOL...we went down to the family room and played a bit of Pictionary. The kids loved it....And I think we'll be playing more pictionary soon!

Group Shot

Eager kids at the white board

K* with an eager McK* action as Vanna!

Thoughtful Pictionary Players

Some Tickling and Rescuing.

To top the night off, we played with sparklers and showed off our jump around!!

Love those sparklers!!!

A worried E* guides my arm.

No worries in here!

We went to bed and E* was concerned that the cousins would leave in the middle of the night and not be there when he woke up. I assured him they would be here still. As with any good holiday, we all slept in a bit. After a breakfast of cereal, mini muffins and juice, we headed off to Friendship Park, passing the kids' schools along the way. (They were proud to show their cousins where they attend school.) First order of buisness was to run around and climb up on the play structures. Hide and seek and chase. Then we had our own personal version of frisbee golf. In the middle of it we had a group pix taken...I'm taking the pix. And watched a man fly a 2 stringed kite.

Arriving at the park where Mck and I found a lovely snail shell...minus the snail.

On the tire swing!

Some pointers from Dad on frisbee golf.

Group pose on the bleachers in the middle of our frisbee golf game.

After our game, we took a water break. Then broke out the croquet set. After a rather interesting game of crochet...again, non traditional rules, we went back home for a BBQ!

The Croquet set Owner...generously sharing his game with the family.

K* and B*

Yummy hamburgers, potato salads and bunch of other sides. After eating our fill and playing a few rounds of Whack a Mole, we settled in on the couches to watch TRON. haha... Boy, I certainly didn not remember the beginning of that movie. E* and Mck* snuggled in on the small couch with B* and K*. McK* is a cuddler!

After the movie, we ate some delicious Striped Delight dessert. I make chocolate cookies...A LOT...but maybe I'll make Striped Delight a bit more often. Especially in the hot summer months. Next, we decided to go play Tennis. We got there to find that the courts were in the middle of being repaved. But still, we played against the back board a bit. B* gave McK* some helpful pointers too. (Next time, we'll tell them to bring their bathing suits!)

Dad and E* with Badmiton while,

B* gives Mck* some tennis tips.

By now, it was pretty hot and sunny so we headed home. First we plunked down in the front room and C* and B* played a bit of pokemon. But then we went down to our almost finished, and very cool, basement for a game of charades. Again, fun for the kids as well as the adults. After that, it was salad topped with Den's dressing and grilled chicken for dinner...and a second helping of Striped Delight for dessert.

Pokemon Friends

By now, even the camera man was tired...here we are resting after the tennis.

After dinner, our fun cousins had to pack up the car and go back to regular life...working, researching... I sure hope we can meet up again soon. Very soon. After growing up without cousins, having a pair of them who are fun and cheerful was delightful! In fact, this morning, E* was already asking, "When are our friends coming over again?" Any time, our door is always open, Cousins!


Whitestorm said...

It sure was a lot of fun!

QuiltNut Creations said...

looks like a very fun day

Michele Kovack said...

Looks like a great time! BUSY!

Rochelle W said...

Look at all the fun you all had. what a great weekend. By the way, pictionary rocks!

Kristine said...

awe...I love it when people posts picture of fmaily and fun times. These are soo great and looks like you all had a blast! :) thanks for sharing!

Melinda McMillen said...

oh wow!! what a fun, fun day!! yay for you!!! isn't family visiting the greatest?? i'm really glad you had so much fun!

Unknown said...

Oh Dawn how lovely, I love how you took and put all those photos for us all to see, its like being part of your life for a little bit of time, lovely, how you been? Hugs Alex xx