Happy Secular Saturday!!

Secular Saturday dates back to the early 1970s...when a newly formed union (also known as The Hatch Batch) wanted to instill the true importance of Easter and its meaning in their young brood. We, along with my siblings, have continued this family tradition. Festivities started on Friday night with a classic egg dying session. In our home, we usually dye raw eggs b/c I and the rest of my own brood do not care for hard boiled eggs. (Then we can reuse them. haha. And no raw egg has ever been broken during the hunt, I am pleased to say.) Of course, I did eat one or two of my late Grandmother's deviled eggs in the past. A couple of years ago, my sister C* and her kids spent Easter with us. With that many cousins in the house, I did boil the eggs. This year, I did boil the eggs...but that is simply a waste of eggs. Next year, they will be dyed raw again!

This year the Rascally Rabbit switched things up. Instead of hiding our dyed eggs, he hid plastic eggs filled with CANDY around the house. Each child had a designated color to find. Dad tried to get some good shots in, but of course, they was so much scurring about, that it was hard to get a focused shot. (DH likes posed pictures.)

Here are C* and M* sorting their eggs...I think this dates back to how we sort Halloween candy...hehe.

Although the Easter Bunny did not leave his usual (flour) footprints in the kitchen this year, he did leave some great toys.... and rather loud toys. I don't think that SHE realized how loud. But hey, it gets them off the computer/video/tv! I'm not complaining.

As with all great Secular Saturdays, today was spent lounging about, playing, eating candy (I think most of the candy is gone) and doing something fun as a family. The kids wanted to go eat lunch at an indoor playstructure. DH wanted Burger King...his favorite fast food that isn't super nearby us. I told him where we could find one with a playstructure and off we went! (I guess we should have brought our camera!)

With that, it's nearly 11pm...the kids are STILL awake. C* just asked, "Mom, what can I do?" Grrrrrrr...I said, "Go to bed, it's almost 11 o'clock!!"

Hopefully, they will sleep off this sugar fit and we'll have a peaceful, restful Sabbath, celebrating Christ's Atonement.

Happy Easter!!


Rose Ann said...

Cute pictures! Looks like too much fun!

Rochelle W said...

How fun. Great pictures. We did a bunch of yard work today and totally forgot to dye eggs. So we will be doing that Sunday. Oh well, the kids were having a lot of fun outside today anyway. Thanks for sharing your day.

gremhog said...

Secular Saturday turned out to be a tradition worth keeping. I am surprised and delighted. Great pix of the kids, DS-i-L! No blurring images that I can see.

Hooray for the Easter Bunny.

Julesiana said...

This is a fabulous idea. Our Sunday is so full that there is not much room for fun (yet secular) traditions.

Gremhog, you have passed your brilliance along! ;)

I hope all of you had a joyful and blessed Easter!

Barb said...

Fabulous pictures!! It looks like so much fun!