Guestbook update...and Being Tagged!

Thank you so much for signing my guestbook. I love seeing your faces and reading your greetings. After getting so many hits on my blog, I was quite curious as to the identities of those checking my blog. Thanks for the glimpse of a few of you! The blog candy will be a surprise...until I reveal the winner. Mostly b/c I haven't thought up a prize yet. Haha...but be assured, I do send out prizes. My past winners can vouche for me!

I have been tagged...again...4 times. What an honor to be read by others! So feel free to go check out these bloggers who read the same amusing blog as you do:

Julie of Mutch to Stamp
Rochelle of Impressions
Kathy of KathysKreations
Linda of LMac's Catered Crops

Here are some more blogs that I browse on an almost daily basis:

Continuing to Create
The Stampin Bunny
Ink and Paper Creations
Lime Tart Articulations

These are in no particular order since they are listed alphabetically in my favorites and I randomly picked 5 more to showcase!

Now, Linda is really making me work when she tagged me. So here are 7 things about me:

1. I have climbed to the tippy top of Half Dome at Yosemite National Park. Wow! What a climb that was!! This picture isn't of me or anyone I know. (Found it online.) But it's a good shot of the sheer vertical plane that you have to ascend before hitting the summit...yikes! Call me Mrs. Spiderman...or would it just be Spiderwoman?

2. Growing up, I always had the HARDEST DAY to do the dishes. (Now it's the mopping and sweeping of the kitchen floor that gets me grumpy!)

No...this is not my sink. My kitchen would never look like this. Plus I only use "DAWN" dish detergent...of course!

3. Despite my very concerned parents, I went to Woodstock 1994...and survived.

4. I have trouble falling asleep at night.

5. Sometimes late at night, after the kids are asleep, I want to get them up and play with them again. I've had a break and they look so peaceful when they are sleeping. (Of course, I let them sleep. I'm not that crazy!)

(I'll have to dig up a picture of one of my kids sleeping....Check back later!)

6. I talk to my mom probably 6 times a day. Aren't the internet, cheap phone rates, webcams and cell phones the greatest!!

7. I truly believe that the oldest child in the family has it the roughest. So go give your #1 kid a big hug today and buy him (or her) a treat!


Anonymous said...

Hey! How the heck did you get into my kitchen and take a picture without me knowing it!!!???

gremhog said...

l so very true! Great finale picture.

Rochelle W said...

You are just like I imagined. Loved the pictures to go with it. I got tagged with that same job, (the listing of 7 things about you) I haven't done it yet but I will.

Laura said...

Very interesting stuff you have here - just subscribed to your blog too - the music about made me wet myself as my DS had the volume turned up high after doing his webkins today - so when your music started (thePearl is awesome by the way) well you get the rest.
Anyway - you tagged me yesterday - am I to go and tag someone else and put 7 things about meself too? I've never been tagged before and I am finding this interesting and addicting too!

Angie Z. said...

Thanks for sharing! I have some dishes that need done now! LOL

Anonymous said...

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