An experiment in Chemistry

This morning, M* and E* were washing coins in the bathroom sink. Not that I minded some of the toothpaste crud getting washed off with all the water that they were using...but I figured we could really get the pennies shiny! So I googled a recipe:

1/4 cup white vinegar
1 tsp. salt

Mix well...and soak away!

As I was trying to get these pictures posted, DD came up to me heart broken. Her silver coins which were not cleaned in the above solution, rather just wet for a while, are now extremely tarnished...and some had fallen in the garbage disposal...so I had to dig around in there...ugh.

So I think what we will do is...gather up the silver coins, drive over to the bank and ask for shiny ones. haha.

EDITED: We ended up going to the bank with the coins (and a few extra from mom's wallet) and exchanged them for four dollar bills. The teller asked us what she had cleaned them with. I said, "Just water." And the teller SMELLED the coins!! haha. It was a good chance for my kids to learn how to stand in line at a bank, for M* to talk to a bank teller and well, with such dreary Sprink Break weather...it was nice to go on a field trip!


Melinda McMillen said...

What a fun day!! Thanks for sharing the pics of your kiddos. They are SOOOO adorable!!

Susan said...

love the tongue in the missing tooth spot.

Whitestorm said...

Your kids must be a lot of fun!

Rochelle W said...

What a fun little project. My daughter lost the same front tooth yesterday.