Anyone up for a game of Tetris?

If you are bored, looking for something to do, scroll down to the bottom and play a game or two of Tetris! Have fun! (Just be sure to mute the music so you can hear the Tetris song better.)


kathy said...

I love tetris. You are so talented to be able to do all this stuff on your computer. dh says he is gonna help me but he never has time. so I learn from all of you. Great scienve experiment with the kids especially the part where you will go to the bank to exchange coins...lol I got a good laugh out of that one

gremhog said...

you know this is my favorite-ist game, don't you? so now, if you see I'm online, don't bother me. I'll be playing tetris. Make sure your kids have a tetris game on that game thing of theirs. Cuz i will need to steal it.

Marie said...

Hi Dawn! I can't wait to try your tetris. I love games like this - poppit, word pop etc..

I really like your music too. Have you listened to Regina Spektor? She's one of my favourites right now. I found her on another bloggers site.

Marie said...

Oh I forgot to say that 'they' say that women really like tetris and are better at it than men. Some women even have tetris games in their bathroom, laundry room and in their purses.

I have a PDA with a bunch of games on it for when I'm waiting for the kids!