What can YOU do while babysitting two 3 year olds?

When you are babysitting, can you do this?

Or this?

Yesterday, my good friend M* went to volunteer at her elementary school so I watched her son, L*. Our sons are the same age...3! You might think that watching two lively and precocious 3 year olds would keep my hands full. But these to boys are the best of friends and play quite nicely together. The only thing that I have to do is give them snacks, the occasional penny for our Skittle filled gumball machine and perhaps remind them to go potty! M* brought over a gift bag of stamp sets and punches for me to use while she was gone for a couple of hours (if that). I decided to use the Serene Sunflower set since it is quite different than my regular style.

I was suprised at how difficult it was to actually USE and make the flowers look GOOD. M* agreed when she came back home.

One nice thing about the boys...I sometimes hear them on the verge of an argument. My Mommy Sensors start listening, my body gets ready to rush into the room before the real arguing starts. But each time, the boys are able to keep talking and "work it out" on their own. Now my son is not like that with everyone or ANYONE else for that matter. We have all heard E*'s horrendous screams and watched him push or take toys away from another kid.

But L* and E* have that special bond that makes for great best friends. They are patient and understanding...and quick to forgive and "get over it" on the rare occasion things work out. What great examples!

(And I got to stamp!)


Melissa K. said...

I think your cards came out great! I love Serene Sunflowers, and don't think they're difficult to use... can I help somehow? I want you to love them, too!

Melissa K. said...
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QuiltNut Creations said...

great cards Dawn!

Barb said...

Oh yeah!!! Happy news!! ;) Fabulous cards, Dawn!!

Susan said...

great cards. take kulissa up on her offer of suggestions. How nice was that?

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

Beautiful cards! My 3 year old entertains herself. . the 9 month old wants on mommy's hip all the time. Good for you for getting some stamping done!

Pearl said...

HI Dawn

I've only recently discovered many stampers' blogs ( esplly those frm SCS ! ) & wow do your work as a stamper blow me away ! always inspiring - the way a stamper creates a card always has something a little more to me than a non stamper's card sometimes ! lol Great cards here !

Thanks for coming by my blog !

good luck at the Prima blog candy !

lol, Pearl