A spring day that felt like summer

Today was a glorious, summer like day in Michigan. It must have been 70 degrees or very close to it. I spent a good part of my day outside with my youngest son. We even walked over to the bus stop to welcome the other 2 kids home. They came off the bus with their coats stuffed in backpacks or slung over their arms. Of course they wanted to play outside too!

Right after they came home, my DH pulled up. He came home early b/c his work lap top had died and he couldn't do any work until something was replaced.

Santa Claus was going to bring #1 and #2 a bike for Christmas. In fact, they were even locked in the basement closet when I decided that they needed a Nintendo DS and a Leapster more. We gave them the video systems and Santa brought them Snap Circuits Jr. and an Easy Bake Oven.

Fast forward to this afternoon...gorgeous summer weather, the snow was almost completely gone. #1 wants to ride on this tiny bike that is way too small for him. So I said to DH, let's give him the bike today! Luckily, he agreed. So in the first picture, my boys are waiting for the surprise with closed eyes. Dad brings out the new bike and #1 was over joyed! "Can I ride it now?" he asked. I put the training wheels on the small bike and Preso Magic, #3 has a new bike too! The other picture shows him and Dad.

(Not to worry...DD was told that she can have a new bike when she learns how to ride the old bike without training wheels. Of course she wailed and gnashed her teeth b/c "riding that bike without wheels is not fun!!" Who can blame her? She must have gotten the "slow to learn how to ride a two wheeler genes" from her dear ole mom. My younger sister learned to ride before I did.)

I sure hope we have a couple of more sunny, summery days this week before another snow storm blows in. You know we are bound to get more snow before April! You can't put away coats until May in Michigan, don't you know.


Susan said...

a new bike! 2 new bikes hooray...and one coming. Good for the barrett kiddies.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

What lucky kids!!!! -J

Barb said...

How fun! It's amazing how fast they outgrow their bikes! Almost as fast as their pants! ;)

Corinna is Stamptopia.com said...

Your blog chirps.. So you know. ;) And I love your SCS gallery! I have been meaning to tell you for a while. :)

Lisa said...

Aren't you lucky.. We got 24" of snow for St Patty's day.. LOL.. NO green around here.