Peeps blog candy weiner...

If you know Gremhog, then you know that she loves the little yellow marshmellow Peeps. The Hatch Batch are not too sure WHY she likes them. The only reason why I think she might like them is b/c they are cute. With that in mind, Gremhog is our Peeps Blog Candy Weiner!!

She will be getting 15 marshmellow peeps, a peep marshmellow lollipop AND a magic light up Peeps Chick!!

Because she gives away Blog Candy to all of us, we thought she deserved some for herself. (Okay, you can share with Papa. Maybe Niko will like taking a bath with the chick.)


Susan said...

i won blog candy? I won blog candy? I never win blog candy. But i'll be happy to win this, even tho I know it's fixed.

Fix away. Peeps...Peeps...Peeps.

Thanx Dawn.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Is that a peep that I hear on your blog?????