Quickcurl gets the prize for...

For performing a RAK...a service for another...paying it forward...

Here is what she wrote:

I love this idea! This is something I emphasize with our Cub Scout troop and our Girl Scout Troop. These kids amaze me with what they do, and make me want to be a better person constantly. After the snow we have been receiving I have just been exhausted with trying to keep up with the shoveling. I kept a watch on my neighbors house, I was SURE that one of her 5 healthy children would come and shovel for her. No one came at all, this hurts my heart. So after 2 hours working on our own drive way, we made our way across the street to do hers. It was hard work, but I felt so much better after it was done. Knowing that she does need to go and get her medications. And knowing that she would have no problems getting her car in and out now. It is all worth it! Christine

Being involved with the various scouting programs and keeping an eye on her neighbors, certainly makes the world a better place! For years, my own dad has shoveled up one side of the street and down the other side after snow storms. Helping out a block of neighbors on each side of the street. He does it without fanfair or compliment. I read from a few of you that it's hard to "toot my own horn" about these acts of service. So go out...and keep doing them. I'm sure that you will secretly be rewarded for your generous spirits!

Quickcurl...please email me at dawnmercedes at hotmail dot com so I can get your colored envies mailed out to you. Thank you everyone for replying to my contest and for serving others you meet!

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