Pay It Forward...and enter to get some blog candy

It was brought to my attention...that people don't say "Random Acts of Kindness." Instead they use the phrase "Pay It Forward" these days. I didn't realize that. So Pay It Forward, post what you did on the entry RAK thread (2 below), and you'll be entered to win some blog candy. Of course it's still a surprise...but I'm working on it! I've loved reading the entries thus far!

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Linda Yamakido said...

What a great heart you have!
There is a lady on one of my stamping lists that has been ill for years and does nothing but give and give,, she is now in a retirement home and cant' really stamp anymore,, but she can color,, so there are dozens of us that send her stamped images and postage and glue,cut paper, colored pencils ect,,, and she spends HER days raking people,, she is a gift to us, I just received a birthday card yesterday from her :) and I am making an envelope to send her in the next few days full of images and postage.