Master Builders...

My DD is quite the reorganizer. Every time I turn around, something has changed at her hand. Once, she even reorganized the dishes and glasses in the cabinet. (Did you know she is 6 years old?) After a day of opening the wrong door to get out a glass, I moved them back to the way they have been for 5 years! She organizes her books in her underwear drawer...and the undies have to go somewhere else. She makes piles in the upstairs hallway...though I'm sure she would call it something else. The other day, she asked to use our hallway bench as a boat. I said yes. But later found it upside down with laundry baskets on top for the seats. I could tell you oodles more about her imaginative ideas!

Today, it seems, she has taught her little brother well. I went downstairs after a time up here on the computer. I knew that my #3 was doing something down there. Here is what I found.

She has even taught him how to scavenger well. She is always finding things that she "needs." Today, DS had a handful of toothpicks. I asked him what they were for. He said, "They are bombs." (for his castle)


Anonymous said...

LOL! That is so funny. I know what that is all about. My three are constantly making forts and what not! Kids are funny!

Susan said...

Oh the things I could say about Master Builders' mom...I remember the amazing first artsy fartsy craft project..some weird thing made out of her shoebox. We had to march outside and take a picture. It's still burned in my memory. SO your kids come by this very naturally.

doverdi said...

I just love the imaginations of kids. You have to enjoy them while you can because they grow up far too fast. I remember how my son & friends used to take the cushions off my couches & chairs and turn my livingroom into a huge fort. It didn't matter that the livingroom was a disaster, what mattered was that he was having fun.

I remember walking into the bathroom one time when he was about 2 (he's almost 21 now) and all the toilet paper was off the roll. When I asked what he was doing he said "look mom, a snowman". lol

I find that it's memories like this that are the most precious one's of all.