Blogs, blogs and more blogs!

Boy, you can tell that some stampers really like to blog! I've been finding more and more blogs out there that involve stamping. Many are into giving away "Blog Candy!" Boy, wouldn't it be great to win some!

Yesterday I looked at my blog counter and was so surprised by the number of people who have looked at my blog! Yikes! Who'd have thunked!

I'll have to think about posting some blog candy in the near future. Meanwhile here are some links to blog candy contests you might want to check out!




And...no blog candy here...but a husband who likes to stamp with his wife...thought you'd like to check in on him...he changes his pix pretty regularly...pretty funny!


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Jason Sampson said...

I never realized anyone was actually noticing how often I change my profile pic . Thanks for being an observant reader . I love your blog I added it to my links . I love being one of the few husbands that stamp with their wives , it's fun .