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My parents have a monthly newsletter that they mail out to the entire family. My sister Jocelyn actually had a monthly newsletter first. Thinking it would be a great idea that I had one, my mom settled on letting me have a monthly column in her newsletter, "The Ides of Hatch." (It comes out around the 15th of each month. And that reminds me, I'm a bit late for my column this month.)

Here is my September column:

Timely De-Stressing Tips by Dawn Mercedes

Okay…it’s that time of the year again. School is starting up. Holidays are around the corner. Your New Year’s Goals are waiting to be accomplished. Uncertain job position, new kids’ clubs to be involved with, birthday parties, the house needs to be cleaned…again…

No matter what list of things that are in your life, we all have stressful times that we have to deal with. Since I have been feeling a lot of stress lately, I thought I’d look into some helpful stress relief suggestions:

1. Stop When panic sets in and you wonder how you will ever accomplish everything you need to do, take a moment for yourself. Sit down. Breathe deeply. Enjoy a moment of calm.

2. Try a list Even if lists make you crazy, write down everything you need to do. If you're a notorious list-maker, try organizing your list by category.

3. Re-evaluate your priorities By prioritizing your tasks, you'll be able to target your energies in the right direction.

4. Eat healthy food Eating junk food contributes to stress. Fuel your body with good food, and your mind will do wonderful things for you.

5. Share your stress with a friend Find someone to talk to about all that you have going on in your life. Vent when things become overwhelming, but share your accomplishments as well.

6. Exercise Physical exercise will raise your endorphin level, help you focus more effectively, and make you accomplish more in the long run.

That being said, here is what some of our family members do to relieve stress:

Mom said: “Buying new makeup always de-stresses me. Always.”
Ken: “I listen to music.”
Steve: “Go fly fishing. I also like to go on long bike rides when I'm frustrated...it makes me feel like I can still accomplish great things.”
Guy: (spoken by his Dad): "yes, he plays with his barnyard when he's stressed. He can really get engrossed in those little people."
Jordan: "Paying all my bills early for the next month makes me de-stressed."

I think Jocelyn and Marissa may have told me their de-stressers...but I can not find them. I will update this later. Now I'm off to think up October's column!

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Jen said...

Great tips. Any way you can add a few more hours in the day for another one? It should be: Get enough sleep. I haven't learned that one, yet!