My Very Own Cheerleader

Have you ever played a sport and gotten cheered on? Been on a football team with cheerleaders jumping and chanting and spurring you on? Marched in the band with the crowds dancing along? Been in a play and received a standing ovation?

Those times are usually few and far between. We always need cheerleaders in our life. Especially during the dark times, the lonely times, the hard times.

When I was in college, my sister J** sent me a cheerleading picture of herself. Written on the back where these words: I’m your biggest fan. That really warmed my heart when I read those words and I carried that picture in my planner for a very long time.

My sister is a very successful and capable lady. She does the most phenomenal things. Worked for CNN, had internships with the Democratic National Convention and CSPAN, was class president throughout high school, was involved in tons of sports and clubs and band and church…You name it, she did it. She is cute and fun and smart and energetic. Not only that, she has lots of homemaking skills: cooking, cross-stitching, knitting, quilting, baking, etc. Super well rounded. Very out going.

(Ladies on SCS think I’m a “Martha.” Boy would they be blown over to learn of my sister’s talents.)

This month, in my sister’s monthly, four page newsletter, there was a full page article about me, complete with pictures. I was so touched and so surprised and so honored. Bawled through the entire first reading of it. The article was overflowing with praise and compliments and even some of the funnies in my life. It was certainly nice to be showcased. As an adult, in the regular world, we aren’t show cased too often, are we?

When I started thinking about this entry, I thought I had one cheerleader in my life…but the more I think about it, I’ve have a few of them rooting for me. Some cheerleaders come and go, while others have been with me for the long haul. I have a pile of little notes from friends and acquaintances throughout the years, expressing words of kindness. My grandmother was someone I could always call and count on to “be on my side.” And now, more than ever before I realize that my mom is probably the biggest cheerleader I have going for me.

So here is a challenge to those of you who read my blog...Go out and be a cheerleader for someone. Boost someone's spirits once a day. I'm sure that yours will be lifted too.


NoMakeUpNoWakeUp said...

Rah rah - siss-boom-bah!
It's hard NOT to cheer
when you've got such a great
sister to root for! Love you!
And it was true, what I wrote on that picture!

Barbra1224 said...

How awesome! You are lucky Dawn!

Jen said...

Wow, Dawn....you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragment. I love to see others pay it forward.