List of 2010 Sewing Projects

1.  Hemmed Ken's pants...twice...ugh

2. Mermaid outfit for an American Girl Doll

3. Fixed the seam on E*'s new undies

4. Sewed on Cub Scout Patches

5. Sewed on a card

6. Made a froggie beanie baby for a friend's Bday

7. 27 Rice bags for Cub Scout Appreciation Gifts

8. Designed the Adelle Hipster tote for Sewing Smackdown project #1

9. Guided DS in sewing his first Tshirt pillow

10. Guided DD in sewing a Midnight Mask

11.  A bunch of felt fortune cookies for Sewing Smackdown project #2

12.  Birds...which drove me batty for #2 as well.

13.  Sewed on patches to 3 uniforms.

14.  Sewed the body pillow case.

15.  Fixed a seam on Ken's pants.

16.  Sewed covered stenobook as hostess gift and #3 smackdown project.

17. Four shamrock pins

18. Rag Quilt for Cara

19. Helped DD sew pin cushion...then another

20. Sewed on a LOT of scout patches

21.  Helped DD make SIX more pin cushions

22. Lost track of how many pin cushions DD and I have made together.

23.  Designed and executed a CRAVAT for Alexandar Graham Bell at the 4th grade Wax Museum.

24.  Patches onto DD's new Junior GS sash.

25.  A rooster for Ana's Birthday gift!

26.  More patches than I watch to keep listing....ongoing project. But I'm so glad the kids are achievers!

27.  Designed a Pikachu costume by altering a small sized monkey pattern...cutting each pattern piece into fourths and taping it onto a new piece of paper...then cutting and sewing. Designed authentic tail and ears. Wow...what an accomplishment!