Tis the Season

You may think that when the weather turns cold, it's time to wear gloves and coats. Or maybe you are thinking, "Oooh, time to start lighting a fire in the fireplace!" Or are you someone scrambling to get Christmas gift buying finished early?

Well, here...this time of year is "Cinnamon Roll Time." Yep. It's the time of year when I start baking ...mainly the rolls. haha.

Today I made FOUR pans of the most perfect rolls. It's been a while too. My neighbor V* had given me 2 lawn rakes a couple of Saturdays ago. I said that I'd bake her a pan of cinnamon rolls as payment since she didn't want any $$ for them. haha. Another pan goes to the next door neighbor, whose husband is so very helpful in all sorts of handy ways. The third pan was slotted to for C*'s Soccer Coach since none of the parents organized a group gift.

At dinner, everyone was dismayed to hear that we were already down to ONE pan. There wasn't enough for us, rolls aren't baked often enough AND "You always give the best looking rolls away!!" So I conceded. Each neighbor got a partial pan...which equaled 2 overflowing plates of cinnamon rolls.

V* was delighted. Next door neighbor said I didn't have to give them cinnamon rolls every time I make them. But I responded, "Oh I know. But T* is so helpful and it's a fun joke to kid about." And Coach Mark said that the rolls wouldn't last until the morning when we presented him with "breakfast" and a card from C.

E* gleefully announced at dinner that "Mom is making cinnamon rolls every WEEK!"

Hmmm.. maybe I"ll try my hand at the artisian bread recipe IF my mom shares it with me!


Great Grandma Lin said...

hmm...cinnamon rolls and cold weather...too much sugar for me but they are good, especially when hot.

wispy willow said...

I am oh so envious of people who can make wonderful cinnamon rolls. I've tried only twice and they were pretty icky both times. I don't know what my problem is.

Not only did you make your family extremely happy and endear yourself even further to friends and associates...but, I bet your house smelled heavenly that day.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Please give the recipe here, please! I love trying new baking recipes and I have the urge to go another round with cinnamon rolls.

Kim P said...

Oooooh, I LOVE cinnamon rolls! But I have never made them from scratch...that Pilsbury doughboy is my friend!

If you ever want to share that recipe, maybe I will TRY to make some from scratch! LOL!

Susan said...

i want your cinnamon rolls...but you have to bring them here. leave early and drive down...how about Sat? and stay over for sunday.