Sweet On You

If you are like me, you bake..and give away a lot of goodies.  
(Of course we eat them up too! hehe)

Here is a sweet way to present your sugary treats in style!

Glue Dots ® Advanced Strength adhesive sheets
Repositional or Removable Glue Dots ®
Glass plate (9-10 inches)
Glass cup
Paper doily

1.  First, thoroughly clean the glass plate and cup.  Trace the bottom of the glass onto an Advanced Strength Glue Dots ® Sheet.  Draw a second line inside of that to create a ring.  If your glass is wider, piece together the adhesive sheets.  
2.  Peel off one side of the backing and lay it around the edge of the bottom of the cup.

3.  Peel off the second layer of backing.  Apply the cup to the underside of the plate.  Be sure to keep everything centered nicely.
4.  Decorate the stem of the cut using Removable Glue Dots ®. This way, you can change out the decor to match the holiday, season, or celebration. 
5.  Use a paper doily to line the plate.  Tip:  Use Removable Glue Dots ® to keep the paper doily from slipping around.

6.  Baked goods are optional, but always welcomed!!

**Use a damp cloth to wipe this cupcake display after each use.  
**Be sure that your plate and cup have flat bottoms that match up with you place them on top of one another.

These Rumple Ribbons come from Lovebug Creations' Pink Lemonade Collection:
Panther Pink and Crazy Coral.


Pamela Lash said...

I love how you share how you make a project - and such yummy colors for this treat!!

Marie97 said...

Cute! Great idea! TFS from BIF

Tina said...

Another fantastic project. Hugs Tina x

Becky said...

wow, what an awesome idea!

Diane said...

What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing it.

Hugs Diane