Creative Paperclay (R) Tips for July!

 Here are a few tips for sealing and painting your Creative Paperclay ® projects!

1.  Be sure to let your project dry completely before painting or sealing.

2.  Use light weigh sand paper to knock off any imperfections.
3.  SEAL BEFORE you paint. 
If not, your project will become limp from the water in your acrylic paints.

4.  On painting...I like painting the back side first. Just to cover it up. 
Then, I go to the front side.  All the dribble will be on the back, in the end.

5.  Be sure to seal to keep your project projected.  
Think about the style of your project.
What would look better: a matte finish or a gloss finish, or a high gloss finish?

In order to project your Creative Paperclay (R) project every step of the way, be sure to think about the finish of your project.

For more tips and projects, jump on over to Creative Paperclay (R)'s blog!


Marie97 said...

Thanks for the tips! TFS from BIF

Sukie said...

Thanks for sharing your helpful tips! BIF

http://ilove2cutpaper.blogspot.com/ said...

Great project, thanks.

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