Right now...I have repositioned my laptop so when I'm facing it, I'm looking out my large back windows. Usually the kids play in the front yard since we have a very steep backyard. DS#1 has taken up football during recess apparently. Today, he asked me if he could join football instead of soccer next year. (I of course say yes, thinking he is going to get creamed! haha) He has been telling me about passes and touchdowns for the last few days. in fact, today, he says that "I wasn't the last one picked." I asked him if he knew what that meant. He told me it was b/c he was playing with the soccer kids before. So the boys who played football were waiting to see what kind of player he was. And now, after many caught passes, I guess he's a footballer player...who has his dad's confidence. haha

So, again, I'm being boring, just flipping through websites and blogs. When I see 3 boys tackle each other in a heap in the back yard. Literally, just like the pros. haha. And DD scampers up to them and grabs the ball...and runs away! LOL.

Oh, that would have been a great one to have on film. But luckily I have my memory. Oh, I see we are now up to 4 boys plus DD...in the front yard. Did you know that I have this fantastic art room? It looks out of to the front and back yards. haha. Guess I better go see what's at hand...

Okay, the ballplayers are now entering the house. haha. What a great bunch of kids!

Time date: 5:09 PM....no dinner insight.

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Valerie said...

Super cute!