Framed Valentine Wine Corks

Gather up wine corks to create this upcycled framed valentine.  A great gift for the one that you toast to each year, this decoration will be a lovely remembrance year after year.
Made by: Dawn Mercedes Barrett
45 minutes plus drying time
8" x 8"
Here's what you need:
Here's what you do:
Cut a piece of colored burlap down to 8 x 8 inches.  Take out the glass from your frame and insert the burlap.
Use a serrated knife and cutting board to cut the corks in half. Arrange them in a heart outline on a piece of card stock, with the cut side down.  This will allow you to view the colors on the heart as you paint.
Paint the tops of the corks using Americana acrylic paint to create an ombre effect.  Mix paint colors in a paint palette to create the gradation in the colors.  Let dry. (Hint: Mix enough of each color for two coats to be sure the corks are completed colored.
Arrange the corks in the center of the frame.  Cut the Advanced Strength into strips.  Cut off squares to adhere the corks to the burlap. Press firmly.
Create a bow using the ribbon.  Push a jewel brad through the center. Another option is to cut off the prongs and use Pop Up Relief Glue Dots ® to secure embellishment to the ribbon.  Use Permanent Glue Dots ® to secure the ribbon to the frame.

Look for inexpensive and interesting frames in thrift stores and garage sales.  This project would be a great idea for an anniversary or wedding momento.  Use wedding colors to make it even more special!

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