Scripture Study

In an effort to be better scriptorians, we make posters to illustrate this concept in the Book of Mormon. (2 Nephi 9:39)

To be spiritually minded is life eternal. 

Ken and E* drew their poster quickly...
A* is creatively sketching her idea out. I know it will be lovely.
I did mine in Photoshop...which is pretty crude..and I borrowed this phot of  what can only be Lakewood Beach Park on Lake Erie (hehe)...and the smilie.  But hey, Sharing is Caring!  So thank you to who ever cared enough to share these un-watermarked photos!

Other ideas we have done so far is making lists of things such as all the names of the Lord, both from our heads and researched from the scritpures.
We also found many references/stories that foretold the coming of the Christ. That was all before Christmas.  Anyway you look at it, our family time has improved and we can send these fun posters to Elder Barrett!

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