ICAD day one

My crafty pal, Lauren, participates in a challenge to create decorative note cards during June...and maybe July. I have admired her creativity for the last few summers...and today...I had a chance to make my first decorative index card. I was inspired by the prompt: Rollercoaster. I love amusement parks! They are one of my favorite places on earth!! I probably should have put more layers on here...maybe filled in the background. But Lauren said that we can't criticized our work. So..here it is...for day one of ICAD!

The rails are drawn..and I drew them under the pre-decorated cloud panel.  This photograph might not be the best.  The kraft words are a pre printed sticker that I cut up...the hubs of the wheels are silver glitter enamels from Eyelet Outlet.

I tried to find a catch roller coaster phrase..didn't find anything fabby.

Maybe tomorrow! 

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Scrapper69 said...

Such a cute card!!