My #1 Guy...

If you knew my Dad, you would know why he was blessed with four daughters...
to raise and to set the standard and example of how a man should treat a woman.

I have countless of examples that he showed...in deed...always action.
He doesn't speak a whole, whole lot. 
(But how could you when you had so many girls chattering about!)

Father's Day is just around the corner...but I think this will have to be sent much earlier due to something that happened just this morning.

I was telling my co workers how my parents celebrate their anniversary monthly.
True story.  Growing up, I didn't realize that anniversaries were all that special b/c my parents always had one. (It took me years to realize that most people do not do this..and a yearly anniversary is a big deal!)   And they always knew the number of months. 
I bragged that I could call my mom RIGHT then and she'd know.
Well, she didn't answer the phone, so I called my dad to prove my point.

He answered and we said our hellos. 
Then I asked him, "How many months have you been married?
Without a hesitation, he replied "521...this month it will be 522."

(And, my mom did skype me the answer to the question...522 This month...46 years!)

My co workers were impressed and want to meet  my dad!  (and mom)

The bar is high.  My dad is a mustached, straight as an arrow, worker bee, with so much energy and no complaints.  I love him...and his ever present example.

This stamp comes from The Project Bin's Classic Man set.
A new set released this spring! 
Embellishments can be found at Eyelet Outlet.  They have all sorts of unique, individualized brads and wonderful washi tape of all widths and styles and textures!
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(In case you were wondering, his fifth child was a boy!)


Great Grandma Lin said...

great tribute to a great man, I've known him since he was a teenager-always a good example to all of us.

stampingbowd said...

Oh, my goodness! What a great story!!! I LOVE what you did with TPB set and brads. This is adorable!