I was so glad to see the new set, In My Heart by 
The Project Bin, have an "XOXO" sentiment.
a matching die.

I sign most of my cards and letters and some texts with XOXO.

Who doesn't love rainbows and love!

And kissy Lip Brads from Eyelet Outlet to punctuate the line up!


MiamiKel said...

How cute is this! Lovely colors, Dawn! I also use xoxo with so many of my texts and with our kids - and the heart kissy face is my 3rd most used emoji - LOL! Nice card! ♥

xoxo :)

stampingbowd said...

Oh how cute!!! I love the rainbow colored die cuts! Beautiful!

Lisa Lara said...

Oh I am so smitten with this card. Love the lips at the bottom. Perfection Dawn.