Birthday Envelopes

When you are older...and it is your birthday,
you might get gift cards instead of actual birthday gifts.
So..jazz up the little piece of plastic with a fun envelope card!

(At least this is what happened to my husband earlier this week!)

With plenty of room to decorate,
you have a pocket to place a small note card and the gift card.
Simple take an A2 envelope and seal it up. Slice off about 1.25 - 2 inches. 
Use your paper crimper to crimp the bottom portion. The, like magic...
the part you sliced off becomes the "lid."

Supplies from the Eyelet Outlet:

Supplies from the Eyelet Outlet:

I bet these would look great for Christmas too!!

I adore these large, bold sentiments.  
Hey, if you are giving a card, you are trying to make a statement. 
And these are statements!!

Born Yesterday w watermark and outline

Thanks so much for stopping by!
My bday is NEXT WEEK!

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Chriss America Real said...

What a clever idea! Very cute!