Proud to serve others...always.

Today was a day of service. And after being on the receiving end a few months ago, I was so grateful to be at the giving end. Today's SCS F4A279 challenge was to honor Canada (July 1) or the USA (July 4). Well, I figured, today I'd be on Team Canda...even though I will really only ever be Team USA. But Canada is my neighbor, eh?

I did sneak some pale blue/grey watercolor for that shadow...hehe.

I used Mini Glue Dots ® to adhere the copper sequins.
These stamps are from Paper Makeup Stamps, as well as Mark's Finest Papers.


Georgiana said...

It's nice to support our neighbors! Looks great!

Scrapper69 said...

Oh how Lovely! Nothing wrong with supporting our neighbors!!! Go Canada!! Have a Crafty Day! :)

Scrappers Anonymous