Amazed by Adrienne!

My best pal, Adrienne finished her very first marathon yesterday.  
It was a Martian themed race.  
So, I planned on cutting out vinyl decals of martian heads.
Of course, wouldn't you know it...my eclips was glitchy! 
After starting and starting a bunch of times, I hand cut a vinyl head (I do have skillz)
and printed out a 26.2...run happy poster.
Ken and I went over there after mid night to decorate the car.

Well, I come home..and the machine is working!
So you know me...I cut out the desired words/shapes...
GO BACK to her place...
Undecorate and redecorate...two cars! lol

So, today, I created a card to let her know that she is amazing!!

Martian themed of course!

Mini Glue Dots ® for those fun sequins!


Marie97 said...

I am sure she loved it! Great car decos! Cute card! TFS from BIF

Adrienne said...

You are the best, this totally pumped me up to go run!!!