Sizzix...a GREAT company!

I could give you this long, long sob story about cutting machines, being picky, and eating crow.  Those in the know, will know.  But, instead, I will tell you short, ecstatic stories about a fabulous company with fantastic customer service.

The Ellison/Sizzix company!

My cutting machine broke down. 
Instead of wasting money sending it back to the company 
(for them to tell me what I already knew), 
I just went and bought a new one...a Sizzix eclips.
(I could give you a long side by side comparison of an eclips and a cameo.
But...I will keep it short and tell you that the eclips is better.)

Unfortunately, the blade holder was defective.

So, I called them up...a real life human, from America...answered the phone
talked with me. I send her one email of my scanned in receipt.
Within a week, Sizzix had sent out a replacement blade holder...easy as pie!

A while back, when they updated their power cord, 
they sent me one for my machine...free of charge...
before I had even asked for it!

Oh...and when my cutting strip on the machine was coming up, 
they sent me a new one to replace it too!

AND...even further back in 2008,
they updated my old dinosaur lever, manual die cutter
with a BRAND NEW Big Kick. (aka BigShot.)
For free. 

I love that I can call them up and talk to a live person.
I'm sure they probably should ask me to be on their design team...sigh!

Here's a sneaky peeky of what I made today using my Sizzix eclips for Joy's Life.
The full post will be tomorrow!

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