My first race

I did it. 
I signed up and competed and finished a race.

Although it was on an injured knee...and yes I am paying for it...
my time was good.

1 hour and 5 minutes for a 10K race.

My pal, Adrienne, and I before the race.  She is sporting the pull over jacket 
that we received for participating in the Inaugural Kona Chocolate Run
in Plymouth, MI on November 17th, 2013.

Adrienne, husband Bryce, and her father, Steve, drove to the race early this morning.
I injured my knee 3 weeks ago and haven't run since.
But today, my knee seemed the best it has been in all these weeks!

There was a band...flags. National Anthem...and first wave of fast 10K runners were off at 8 am.
Soon enough, the rest of us where running along the streets of Plymouth as well. 

I ran alone...without a partner and without my music since I couldn't get cell reception. (Probably due to the large crowd of participants!)

I finished!
Hot and red, my signature look!

Soon, the others in my group crossed the line too!
Adrienne is so sweet and kind and inspiring.
Although she could have toasted all of our times, she ran along side her hubby...to cheer him on and encourage him!

We were due to have this terrific storm..which eventually did come later in the evening.
But this morning, the weather was warm, cloudy, then rainy in the middle of the race, and then sunny again.
I don't mind the rain as I run so very hot! Boy, I was so very grateful that the snow from a few days ago melted!

I allowed myself to walk 3 times...1 minute each time b/c of this knee strain.
And it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
Though I sure would like to have been able to run straight through.

Afterwards, we stood in line for chocolates and hot cocoa.

I rushed home...and got here in time to quickly shower and go to church with the family!
Funny thing..my bib is #125...and we sung #125 hymn for the closing song! lol

  153    Dawnmercedes Barrett              Orion  MI             125   40     1406        1:05:51     10:37/M

I was 153 in my age division.
1406 over all crossing the line...
My time was 1:05:51.

Some highlights...
1. running it on my own without the cadence of music or the chatter of friends.
2.  dumping water on my head, even after it had poured b/c I was sooo hot!
3.  getting through on this knee
4. hearing my name being announced just as I was crossing the finish line!


Alycia said...

Great job! I'm a runner myself and it can suck. I'm glad it didn't for you today. :)

Anonymous said...

So proud of you, Dawn!!!!! I can't wait to run my first time...which will not be any time soon...but it's still a goal.

Susan said...


Great Grandma Lin said...

congrats-be careful with your knee-it has to last you a loong time...

Starla said...

Yea for you!!!