Running update

The first half of my run yesterday was AMAZING. 
I had speed (9:20 miles for 27 mins).
I had wind.
I had energy.

Then, I walked for 3 minutes, as my training requested..
and then my KNEE...was angry, man, hurt, agonizing hurt.

The 2nd 27 minutes was a run/walk/pain fest.  Then I had walk/jog over a mile to the car b/c I hadn't made it back.
My time wasn't bad over all...5.64 m in 57 minutes.  
But..where was all that pain coming from?

So...I'm taking a break and I'm sad, and frustrated and worried.
I am wishing I could run but now I have to just work on healing.
Yesterday I spent the ENTIRE DAY in bed, with ice, Ibuprofen, and worry.  


I don't have a blue bird of happiness on my window sill...
but a Cardinal might be the next best thing...

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Starla said...

According to my youngest Kiddo, Cardinals are better! (the cardinal is our school mascot!)