Hooting over Creative Paperclay ®

Halloween is just around the corner.
Ready to get your spook on?

perhaps some of your potted succulents need a little 
Autumn costumes!

Start off with a terra cotta pot.

Mold Creative Paperclay ® around your pot.

If your molding material stretches too much, cut a line and fold the clay over
to fit it around your pot.

I decided to keep a mottled texture on my base.

Since I will be using this for succulents,
I made sure the bottom was clear of Creative Paperclay ®, especially 
around the drainage hole.  This will also help your pot sit level.

Decorate your pot...using "snakes!"

Score and add slip to secure each added piece.

Cookie Cutters make great circles!

An owl!

Create paper template for the wings.
Flip the template over to cut the second wing so 
they will be symmetrical!

Let it dry.
I like to use Mod Podge to seal before I paint with acrylic paints!
Inside and out...since terracotta is porous!

Two coats!
Then ... use acrylic paints to color your creations.
Lastly, plant your succulent in its new home!


BahamaDawn said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Such an awesome piece!!!

Susan said...

absolutely love it!

Tristan Robin said...

what a hoooooot! love it! nice work

Carmen said...

This is a great idea! Too cute. Thank you for the Mod Podge tip. :-)

Printable Art said...

Great Job! Whoot Whoot!

Mrs Pretzel said...

Too cute, Dawn! I love it.

Linda Hess said...

So cute! I can see a bunch of them (3-4) in different sized pots...the owl family :-)

Susan at TheBoredZombie.com said...

Very cool! Does the modge podge make it water safe or is this an inside pot?

ddazzled71 said...

What a fun way to dress up your cute pot for Halloween Dawn, these would look fabulous perched next to your Jack O Lanterns at night.

Haidee said...

TFS that pot is super super adorable!!!!! you are talented!
from the BIF group- excited to see you at my BLOG

Jess B. said...

this came out great Dawn.

NicoleDesigns said...

This is awesome Dawn..... BIF, xo Nikki

Cara said...

Too cute Dawn! and the little plant look like a nice little spiked hair do! Love him! Thanks for sharing... xx bif

Dianie said...

This is so cute and fun!

great tutorial!


Linda in Sweden said...

This was SO very cool, LOVE it!

Hugs from Linda (BIF)

Barbara Rankin said...

Love the owl pot and the succulent has a wonderful place to live. So cute! TFS

Unknown said...

This is really cute. I wouldn't have thought to add clay to a terracotta pot. You did great. Shannon BIF