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Earlier this month, I showed you how to create initials out of Creative Paperclay ®.
Easy as it seems, there does need to be some planning on these letters.

Amble over to the Creative Paperclay ® blog to see just what I am talking about.
Meanwhile, here is the Initial tutorial!

Creative Paperclay ® can be used to personalize your room.
Today, I'm going to show you how to create an initial out of this modeling airdry clay.
Once you get started, you will see many possibilities!

Creative Paperclay ®
Papers and dew drops from the Robin's Nest
Glue Dots ®
acrylic paint
embellishments as you see fit
a shadow box

A few weeks ago I was just playing around with the Creative Paperclay ®.  What better way, that to make snakes!  Yeppers...go old fashioned clay snakes! But as I was musing and working with it, I realized I could use these long thin lines to create initials. 

*Be sure to roll out extra lines in case you make a mistake.
*Work on a piece of plastic wrap or on a plastic frisbee so that you can pick up your modeling clay easily
to flip it as it is drying.
*Think about what sort of font will be appropriate for the style/theme of shadow box.

Here, I created an A with lots of curls and swirls, because I am making a shadow box
for a little tweener girl!  Let it dry.  Seal it with Gesso.

Paint with acrylic paint. You  will want to give it a few coats.
One trick I use when I am painting is to paint the bottom first. 
Then, paint the edges and sides once that bottom is dry.  That way, you won't have your piece sticking
to your work surface. 
After it was dry, I sealed it with Mod Podge. 
Again, back first, then front.

Then comes time for the fun and bling and embellishment!
I used various sizes of Glue Dots ® to adhere the dew drops to the primas, and 
the primas to my shadow box.
Remember, more layers can me more interest!
Glue the Creative Paperclay ® Initial on top of the shadow box.

Remember to think about the edges of your shadow box as well!

There is going to be one happy girl once she receives this pink and green and zebra striped 
shadow box...with her initial!


Misty said...

I like this idea. Need to find a way to spiff up a 'C'! BIF

KimberlyRae said...

So Very Unique, Dawn! Love it! Thanks for the tut, too :)

GabyCreates.com said...

Very creative! and thanks for sharing the tutorial. My sister is always creating different things with paperclay. I need to give it a try! TFS BIF

Sukie said...

That looks so cool! I love the 3d look of the letter. And the shadow box looks awesome! BIF

Cara said...

Very nice way to make your own accent pieces.