On display...

Here is one more stocking stuffer to wow your loved ones.
Using a large binder clip, decorate and embellish away.

What you have is a picture or note holder.

It's a stylish way to display pictures of the big dance, big game, big date...
Or a place to secure important fliers and notes!

I enjoyed personalizing these for each of my kids.
Even for my Michigan loving son.
(I knew I should never move out of Ohio! haha)

Supplies from The Robin's Nest:
Rubber Ducks, Clouds, Orange Glitter Crackle, Winter Deer stripes, 
Dew drops

If you want to see a bunch of stocking stuffer ideas: scroll through my blog
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Dorothy S said...

Oh, so cute! Great idea for teens!

Craft Paper said...

Cute stocking stuffers!

Susan said...

these are adorable...remind me to make these for the next luncheon or dinner I give...for place holders. super nice. and you always add just enough embellishments to make them stand out

Lynn McAuley said...

I know your kids will love using these fun clips!!

Emkay said...

What a great idea!

Heather North said...

Fun stocking stuffer.