November first

I am so grateful for three loving kids who have shared their Halloween Treats, without even being asked to share.  I'm  grateful that they enjoy music.  This afternoon, we had a fun excursion to the Pontiac Silverdome to hear the LO Marching Band perform before their big contest at Ford Field in Downtown Detroit on Saturday.   Glad that my kids want to be in a marching band.  Happy to hear A* might "want to twirl."  Now, if I could just live in a district with a band that is patterned after The Ohio State University Band. I'm not so sure if I can really get into this new way of being a marching band.  Glad that the first two kids are so musical and play the trumpet and the flute so well. Oh wow...how they play.  (Yes, I am still a little jealous of the flute as I have never been able to get a note out of that instrument.)  Grateful for a fun E* who loved climbing to the top seats of the Silverdome...just because he could.

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Lynn McAuley said...

Both of my granddaughters are in their high school band! They have made many remarkable friendshhips there and honed their musical skills.