Well, we're home from the hospital. And I owe my other son a MILLION dollars b/c I was wrong when I thought we'd be home. haha. Only 2 hours longer. But that's okay. This was our first experience with surgeries and hospitals and doctors...other when I was delivering these babies!

He's super groggy. But did great getting out of the van and into the house steps on crutches.  
Did the bathroom thing fine on his own. 
Now he is (almost) nestled on a mattress set up in the family room...flipping channels. 
But after I pick up his meds, that tv is off and BOTH of us are napping!

With this drizzly/overcast weather...it's a perfect day to nap!

Sympathies appreciated!!  


Lynn McAuley said...

Hugs to you both, Dawn! I hope the recovery is quick so your son can get back to his active life!

Unknown said...

Hi Connor!

We hope you feel better soon!


MiamiKel said...

Aw Dawn, happy recovery to you and I hope that it's a smooth, super fast one!

Michelle VP said...

Glad you're through the surgery and hope his recovery is speedy quick - for both your sakes!

Regina Easter said...

oh my I hope he feels better soon...hugs to you both....