Not a Grinch...

I just like a clean house for the new year.

And since we open our gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve and there was no one frolicking with us tonight, I packed up all the nativities and santas.  Then, out came all the snow people and winter wonderland trees.  Some how I think I need a few more snowy things. Although, seeing how many things I just packed away (since my mom passed a bunch of things from her home and my grandparent's home to us lately), I am sure that Ken would be happy with nothing.  But honestly I really only decorate from October through February...or whenever I get sick of the snow inside b/c of all the snow on the outside.  (Oh, BTW, our tree is still up.)

Here is one more delightfully summery card before the snow actually hits Michigan this year.  These stamps are from Mark's Finest Papers.  Keep your eyes peeled for new sneak peeks from the January release starting in about a week!

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Susan said...

Phew! So glad the tree is still up. Thought it was all down. I wanna clean house.