We've all studied history at some point in time.  Whether it was in school, or b/c we came across some news find online or on the History Channel...it's all about history.  Earlier this summer, my brother and his wife called me a hoarder b/c they could look around my home and see remnants for my parents and grandparents homes.  So much of what I have was passed down to me.  What they couldn't see was the history and the love and the care.  Theses silly things might not be of monetary value. But my family values these things b/c they make our life fun and enjoyable.  They bring a smile to our face and a memory to our minds.

Yesterday, I made cookies after school...so our dinner hour was pushed back. In an effort to get things going, I asked all the kids to set the table together and I went about the house getting a few things done here and there. They knew we were having "Chinese Chicken" as we love to call it.  One, or all of them got out the oriental dishes that were once used by my grandparents.

(Still learning to set it neatly...and we did get out chopsticks and dragonfly chopstick holders gifted to us by my parents.  But here is our themed table for last night's dinner.)

Evan was a baby when my grandmother died.  But, he knows that she enjoyed, even insisted on, having a well set dinner table.  We always use placemats or table cloths.

Hey...who wouldn't want to use these cute rice dishes with a cover...to keep your rice piping hot!

A* figured she'd put her chow mein noodles on the lid.  E* used the lid for his pineapples.

Bon Apetit...

Yeah...so...my house isn't the most up-to-date with the most trendy of things. But it does have the heart and soul of a home through the items that have been passed along and the stories that accompany them.  Up next...a hanging grape chandelier in the bathroom from the 70s.  And yes, I LOVE it!


Unknown said...

What an adorable table!!! OMG I love your grandma's dishes! All the kiddies look so happy about their yummie dinner!


ps. when did you get a monkey?

Becky said...

Nice setting and the food looks delicious. :)