Ups and Downs

We all have ups and downs. But, when they are on the same day, the ups make the downs look not so bad!

Last week, I was given a prescription for a knee brace and an ankle brace. After the xrays and appointment, I went to the medical supply store.  Between denial and sticker shock, I couldn't bear to pay the $200 for the braces...so I went home empty handed.

Recently, I've been searching online sources for a nice Bach trumpet for my #1 to play in band next year.  If you purchase from ebay, you probably know how great sellers are.  At least that is my experience. But just picking the right lot is probably most helpful.  So I've searched, searched and searched. Refreshed. Missed "great trumpets."  But, last weekend, I found "the one" for us and snatched it up.  Although, having not seen it, and the seller only having a rating of 7....I was still  nervous.

Today, still in tears over the braces and having head back from the doctor's office twice this week, I dragged my 3 kids to the medical supply store.  I was so lucky to have a more knowledgeable sales associate help me.  I got the ankle brace for those who are more active.  (Last week's ankle brace was like wearing a skating boot, sans the blade.  No  joke.)  I had told the family, a few times, that I would look like a robot. That it would be terrible.

Well, sitting there, trying them on, E* declared, repeatedly, that I did not look like a robot. That a robot had metal on it...not black.  A*, in her own tween tone, declared that she had seen much bigger braces on other people.  Yeah, said C*.  Not a robot...but more like a cyborg.  And Aren't you lucky that you aren't Luke Skywalker with a metal hand.  haha.  So, with seriously given comments like these, I couldn't tear up...or take myself too seriously.

So, we came home after stopping at Krogers for pop and icecream for floats with our lunch.  As I was making cookies and sitting down to play the piano, there was a knock on the garage door. Insistant knock. So I hobbled to the door.  Ken, mowing the lawn in 90 degree heat, said "There's a trumpet here!"  Apparently, UPS stuck it inside the garage as the garage door was open. (Thank you, Mr. Brown!!)

I was sooo excited!  First, I had to take the cookies off the cookie sheet...then I opened the case.  I think there was a choir singing when I opened and saw a gorgeous, non tarnished Bach trumpet...TR300...just like the students who wanted to pay through their nose via the rental company.  (Seriously?? 950 dollars for a used trumpet. I guess they don't realize that they can buy 2 of them new for that price.)  I stuck the mouth piece in and started to play.

As you can imagine, the kids came running about to the call of the horn.  C* is please..I am pleased.

And wearing this cumbersome, cyborg leg won't be too bad...I hope!  Yes...pix...I know, Mom. You want pix!  haha


Karen said...

Dawn, glad to see that the positive out weighed the negative. I hope that your brace is working and you will be as good as new in no time

Great Grandma Lin said...

what happened to the leg-ankle?

Becky said...

Just love it when things come together like that.

Susan said...

YES..I do want pix. You could have skyped the cyborg you but all I got was the trumpet.

And Luke had a metal hand? In the 3 I saw? Really....hmmmmm. He looked pretty normal and hot to me, back in the day

Lynn McAuley said...

I hope your ankle is getting stronger and less painful with each passing day, Dawn!!

Congratulations on the trumpet! What a find!!

Tammy said...

Here's hoping all your downs have such happy ending ups!

Gardner's Basket said...

Congratulations on the trumpet! I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care of yourself and don't do too much (yeah, like a mom is allowed to sit for 15 mins.)

Shana said...

Congrats on the awesome eBay purchase! I know musical instruments can cost big $$$! Good luck with the other purchase!

stampingmommy said...

LOL !!!- your stories always make me laugh!! I love reading stories like this - makes me think that maybe life with my kids is more "normal" than I think!! I hope your ankle is doing better!