Tuesday's Lesson


Today, I had a piano lesson.

I learned that typically, you can not play a sharp or a flat, using your thumb.  Thus, playing the piano with proper fingering is helpful.

Not only that, if you learn to play something incorrectly, it's always a bit more tricky to unlearn it...and relearn it.

So, your hands have to look as pretty as the music you are playing.  Not sure who made up that rule.  But it's something to strive in your piano playing endeavors.

What did YOU learn today?


Lynn McAuley said...

Wish I had taken a piano lesson! I would love to know how to play the piano!

I visited the dentist instead and learned that I did not have the two cavities I thought I did!! Hooray!!!

Tammy said...

Cannot think of anything I learned today but yesterday, I learned an easier way to retrieve my voicemail. Hope that counts.

gremhog susan.hatch@gmail.com said...

that is true, generally speaking...at least at the level you are performing. there are exceptions. but you DO want to look as pretty as it sounds.

Lin Floyd said...

I'd be interested in studying piano again but as a child I didn't want to....

Julie said...

I remember the piano lesson with great clarity Dawn. Not sure that I ever got the pretty part right.

Today I learnt that just when you think your pond is calm and smooth a huge storm can sweep from nowhere and ....BAM!