Tag...I'm it!

A couple of days ago, I found this "You're It! tag in my purse. I think I saw it earlier in the week...and just thought it was a Bath & Body Works coupon...since it was brightly colored. On the back, it says, "To Mom, From A*. " As you can see on the front, I was instructed to give it back to her in a secret way. So, when she came home from school, I mentioned that I had received her note and asked her how long it was in my purse. Apparently FOR WEEKS! She said she would peek inside to see if I had found it yet. Really?  Weeks!?! haha. I guess it's time to organize. Although, I bet she was just eager and the wait seemed long.

So yesterday, I created this pocket out of Paper Temptress papers for her...and matched the funky, fun colors of the note.  Then, while she was on an errand with her dad, I put the card in the mail to her.  So next week, SHE will be the one who has to get the mail.  Let the games begin!!

Back View

The white Cardstock is White Diamonds from Paper Temptress...which gives it a bit of sparkle that any 10 year old girl would love!

Images from Paper Makeup.  I think I've used this gal a lot lately!

If you are wondering where A* got that tag, check out "Just Mom & Me" from American Girl. We saw it at Borders a while back.  Then one day, I had a $5 promo gift certificate and a 40% off coupon. So I went to Borders to buy ME something. Of course, I came home with this fun book to share with DD. 


Susan said...

now that is fun. Perhaps A will next tag her dad or her bros.

Tammy said...

Terrific idea to have fun with someone! Love your version of the tag, she'll love it too.