Showing up in a dream

Last night, my grandparents were in a dream of mine. It was really pleasant for them to show up.  It's interesting that in dreams, we can remember faces b/c sometimes during the day, I'm not sure that I can bring them back.  Or, when you are awake, you remember the "just before they die" countenances.  Old, sickly, grey.  Last night's dream remembered them in health and vigor, with concern and compassion.  I was taking my three kids to some "show."  We walked into the large theater and there they were, front and center...in the first two rows...saving us seats.  So typical...so sweet.  They sat in the 2nd row so the kids could sit in the front row.

Today, I had to stay home from church with E b/c he has been coughing up a lung. (No one wants to sit through 3 hours of church coughing like that or listening to someone else cough like that!)  He wanted me to tell him a story as I was matching socks.  I really don't care to tell long, adventurous stories like the way Ken works for the kids. SRemembering the dream, I told Evan about my grandparents. They lived so close to my parents that we often had Sunday dinners there.  Our birthdays were always celebrated with a full table b/c Gunner and BonPapa were there to join in the festivities.  They could go swimming with us or to our school functions.  They always sat with us in church.  I told him how lucky I was to grow up with grandparents just down the street.

But then I told him how lucky he was to have all the technology that brings his grandparents a little closer to us each day.  We can talk on the phone all day long without the expensive rates that were the norm 15 years ago.  We have Skype and webcams to see each other.  We can send instant messages and emails.

But, E thought that living near them would be better b/c you can't always hear well or see well.  Sad, but true.  Closer is better.  Boy was I blessed to be close.


http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

Thank you for sharing your from the heart story.
You have probably heard it said too that we only die when no one talks about us or even remembers us.

The time with your sick lad today is the best time of all!

Tammy said...

Sweet memories, thanks for sharing.

Michelle VP said...

My boys often ask us to tell them "true" stories. They like to hear about things that we remember from when we were young(er). I hope your son feels better soon!