February 3rd...

Yep..that's right. I can't believe it!  The district has closed the schools again today in honor of my


(Not my cake...just a pix off the internet!)

I don't know what else it could be... The sun is shining.  My driveway is cleared! haha. (Or at least the last time I checked it was cleared!)

Mybearybest...who spoils me rotten...gifted me with TWO Kitchen Sink Stamp Sets.  I waited until the middle of the night, when i awoke, to open my package.    The Ducks and Pigs and Simple Sentiments...which have both been on my wishlist.  (AKA. I put them into the shopping cart; I take them out of the shopping card. I put them back into the shopping card; I take them back out of the shopping cart!)

Oh, I can't forget the fabby valentine's box Granny and Papa sent to us yesterday.  AN ADD ON to the MONOPOLY GAME. You should have heard the shrieks and squeals coming from these Monopoly Maniacs!  Also, A* got hand knitted legwarmers in teal. There were valentines and a sudoku book for Ken and I. A quirky valentine..which I'll have to snap a shot and show you later. And some craft supplies Again..wait until you see what this stuff does! 

I have stamped a few piggies, and figured THIS out. If you keep stamping a layer over and over..and it doesn't look "right," maybe it is UPSIDE DOWN. haha. I just oculdn't get the last layer to work. After trying several different colors of ink and "stamping off" tries, it hit me. The stamp was upside down! hahaha.

While I don't have a piggy card yet..here is a PMS card that fits today's Ways To Use It Challenge over at SCS.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Happy Half Birthday!

Lone Pine Designs said...

Cute card...fun cake! Happy 1/2 birthday!

Michelle VP said...

Happy Half Birthday Dawn! That cake looks yummy. So funny about the upside-down stamp. :)

Tammy said...

Oh well, if its upside down, stand on your head. Cute card.

Starla said...

Can't wait to see the piggy card! Happy 1/2 b- day! ( I wonder if I should try that here, maybe I'd get more goodies! Oh wait! Then everyone else would expect the same! Lol!

Unknown said...

Happy Half Birthday...BBF (blog best friend) LOL!! Hope you had a great day!


p.s. Love your card!

Becky said...

Happy Half Birthday! The cake looks delicious.

Deirdre said...

Great card - love it.

Thanks so much for playing along with Paperplay this week on our "Stamp it Out" Challenge. ♥

Susan said...

do NOT post that card.....remake it...but do not post mine....it's horrible.....but funny

Tracy said...

Soooo cute Dawn! I love how you used the sketch. Thank you for playing along with Sketchy Thursday. Ohh and Happy 1/2 Birthday! :)