C:  "Can we get a comfier piano bench?"

And yes, I'm MAKING all the kids LEARN the piano....before media.  (Thanks Bethany!)  And I myself will relearn all the scales...2 octaves, both hands. I can do them with two hands, one octave, for the most part. 

Of course, DD HATES the piano. Doesn't want to learn it. Even though she has the nicest touch. And #1 memorizes everything so..he is now learning to read the notes as he plays. He is relearning (or learning correctly for the first time) the rhythm of that song b/c he hasn't been playing it with the right values on that notes. 

And..yes, once again, our front rooms are my favorite place in the entire house!  Where else can I help one on the piano and one with the homework, while #3 reads out loud to me...and write a blog entry, all at the same time.  Okay, so the entry is taking a while to type up. But oh, what learning is had in sunny yellow rooms!  It's my mom cave and I love it!


http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

You are a wise and wonderful teacher/mum Dawn. Even if your children don't always think so.
The piano and music skills will never ever be wasted. But you know that.
Taking the time to help/ supervise homework models so may things for your children. But you know that!

And the sunny yellow walls? I have had this colour at various times in every house we have lived in and it makes you feel cheery. But you already know that!
Have a great day. BYW if your kids moan and complain as mine used to, I wore, "The most terrible mum in Australia" badge with pride, they sure change their minds a few years down the road. \Bren & I are now studying for our Criminal Justice and Law degree. LOL! but I refuse to undertake the fitness regime he has to undertake.
Enjoy your day.
I'm making memory books for kids (Day 3)

Great Grandma Lin said...

I like your mom's room. You are certainly a multi-tasking and making cards for me in your spare time? lol. I remember my youngest son who did not want piano lessons and loved to play video games saying as he left for his mission-I wished I'd learned to play the piano. I made all my hatch sons take one year of piano and then they could decide to continue or not-none did but the oldest after his mission said-I wish I'd know how to play a piano on my mission...lol!

paige said...

Oh, I remember those day s of multi-tasking with three kids and their after school tasks (and mine)!

Tammy said...

My DD is a classical pianist. Wish I could play the scales. Music in any form is an aid for learning. After all, what person didn't learn their ABC's from a song!

Susan said...

to my grands....just suffer through it and one day you'll be grateful your mom was so mean. Cuz if i were up there, i'd be even meaner..cuz i KNOW kids need to play the piano...it's just a part of life in our family.

Starla said...

Oldest was "forced" to play for 3 years...then moved on to band. So sad as he has the most wonderful touch on the piano
Youngest played two years. Was doing great too, but our busy schedule and the battle to make him practice finally won. Next year he'll start band too. So the music is still there.