Today, I volunteered in my kids' school for several hours.  When I walked into E's classroom, his teacher was reading the kids a book. So I sat down to wait for her to finish. I was behind the kids and I could observe what was happening and was written on the board and extra large white tablet. I was pleased that E didn't even turn around. He stayed on task...even though I was right behind him.  Then, as I was looking about, I started reading the large tablet where kids had listed answers.  The headline was "Places I love in our community."  Kids had listed various restaurants, parks, the library, althetics club.  But then I spied E's answer.  Church. 

Ahhhh...Melt my heart!  My son values and loves church. 

I'm that lucky mom that took him to church each week for 7 years. I can remember the times when he wasn't super excited to go to church.  I used to say "E hasn't learned to appreciate church yet" as we would walk the halls or sit somewhere (trying to be quiet).  I think that today, he has an appreciation for our church family and perhaps even the values and morals he has learned...and continues to learn. 

Boy, I'm soooooo blessed to be a stay at home mom. As hectic as it is. I just love the insights that I get to witness.

Written at 1:57pm.  Posted earlier b/c of the blog hop.

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MariLynn said...

What a blessing!!