Growing up, my grandmother always had a neat desk with lots of very sharpened pencils in a holder in the corner. How they were always sharpened and so long with such great new erasers...I'll never know. B/c pencils here are usually one of the following:

New and not yet sharpened

Broken tipped

No eraser

Bad eraser

Or...NO PENCILS at all!!

Years ago, my grandmother gave me an eletric pencils sharpener...which I still use today.

Well, maybe we don't use it as often as we need.

I sure love a fresh new pencil!


Great Grandma Lin said...

I discovered those erasers you can put on the end of any length pencil and it makes them like new.

Kim P said...

The only time I use pencils is when I am marking sheet music. I hate pencils! LOL!! I don't put enough pressure on them, so my writing is very faint and hard to read. Oh well ;)

Karen said...

I can't even find a pencil on my desk let alone having a sharp one. Speaking of a clean desk, maybe it's time to clean mine up

Tammy said...

Me too, especially if it is sitting beside a blank piece of paper.

paige said...

Long, sharpened pencils, complete with erasers are rare in my 3rd grade classroom!

http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

I have pencil thing too Dawn - probably from my past life.

One of the nicest gifts I was given by a student was a wooden box he had made and decorated which he totally filled with sharpened new pencils, each with my name written on them.

I still use the box and still have some of the pencils about!

KER said...

thanks for sharing such a good memory of your grandmother...and i too know your frustration...and the tip erasers are a godsend